Manage emails in a shared inbox

Thanks to Gmelius you can manage any group email like sales@, info@, support@, as a shared inbox right from Gmail. 

Once your shared inbox has been set up. Users will be able to manage all tickets/emails from their respective mailboxes. 

When a new email reaches the Shared Mailbox, it appears in the Unassigned folder for all the users.

Click on an email and assign it to a teammate or yourself from the dropdown list.

When you assign the email to someone, it disappears from the 'Unassigned' section of the Shared Mailbox and appears in the Assigned folder. 


Locating the emails that have been assigned to you:

1) To see the emails assigned to you in a shared inbox click on the Mine folder.

2) To see the emails assigned to you from any shared inbox, shared labels or any email shared manually click on "Assigned to me


Using the Board view:

Access the Board view to get a visual overview and assessment of your shared inbox. You can fully manage the inbox from this board (assigning, adding notes, changing status...).


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