How to use tags vs shared labels?

Tags help you and your team to organize and add context to your emails. For example, if you use a Gmelius Shared Inbox to manage your customer support, you can use tags to contextualize your customer emails by the kind of questions they ask or the problems they report.

How to create a tag

You can create tags directly from your Gmelius Ticketing Widget:

  1. Under the "Tag, this conversation" field create a new tag or select an existing one, and it will be automatically applied to the conversation.

Where to see your tags

Go back to the email list and you will see tags on the left of the subject lines of your emails.

Difference between tags and shared labels

Whereas tags allow you to provide additional context to conversations and make them more visible in the email list, shared labels help you categorize your emails. You can also search for and within shared labels. 

For example, if you have emails coming to your personal inbox or to a shared inbox, you can apply shared labels to categorize your emails based on projects, clients or departments. 

Where to see your shared labels

1. In the email list

Just like tags, you can see the shared labels on the email list

2. On the Gmail left sidebar

You can see all the shared labels on the left sidebar of your Gmail inbox. Once you click on a specific shared label, you can see all the emails that part of that shared label.

3. With the search bar

A quick way to access any label is to type its title in the search bar on top of your Gmail inbox.

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