How to manage your cards

Drag and Drop.

The easiest way to manage the cards in your board is to drag them around. This can either be to change the due-date, assignee or whatever your columns define. In our example board below, the card is dragged over to Micheal's column, assigning it to him.

General card management.

When clicking on a card, it will open up, and you will have the options above:

  1. Setting a due date.
  2. Add a label to the card/email.
  3. Create subtasks (for example if something needs to be done before replying to a client)
  4. Reply directly to the email (redirects you to the conversation in Gmail).
  5. The "More" button allows for a couple more options:
    1. Quickly close the card/email.
    2. Set a due date, the same functionality as above.
    3. Set a priority for the card, especially helpful when dealing with a lot of cards.
    4. Quick move to another column.
    5. Get a shareable link, that you can share the conversation in another platform (Google Calendar, Slack, CRM, etc.)

Ticketing Options in your card.

If your board is linked with a shared inbox, your "email" cards will have the ticketing widget, which allows for the following:

  1. Assignment of cards/emails directly from the board.
  2. Changing the status (Open/Closed)
  3. Adding tags to the conversation.
  4. @Mentions and notes so you can keep the team notified, or ping someone to take over.



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