How to create and use a sequence?

How to create a sequence?

To understand how the feature works, you can also watch our video about sequences here

1. Go to your Gmelius dashboard

You can create and manage your Sequences from your  Gmelius dashboard.

2. Click on NEW to create a new Sequence

Click on the New Sequence blue button on the top right corner.

3. Choose a name for your sequence

4. Create an email 

Create the first email of your sequence. 

You can use your Gmelius Templates or create a new email from scratch using as many variables needed to personalize its content. 

5. Add multiple actions to your sequence (email, email assignment, notes)

You are now ready to use your sequence from your compose window or in a multi-stage campaign.

How to use a sequence?

I. From your Email

1. Create a new email and click on "Sequences"

2. Fill the variables (if any)



3. Track your email

Do not forget to track your emails when sending your Sequence, to receive analytics,e.g., time-to-open and location opens.

4. Go to your sequence

You can manage your sequences from your  Gmelius dashboard

5. Click on "Analytics"

You can see here all recipients enrolled at each stage of your sequence. 

II. In a multi-stage campaign

1. Go to your campaign

Your Gmelius Campaigns can be accessed and managed via your  Gmelius dashboard

When in Step 2 "Compose email" of your campaign planning, select "Multi-stage" in the compose window. 

A list of all Sequences you have created will appear for you to select. 

Once the intended Sequence selected, click on CONTINUE.

2. Select your variables

All personalization options pass on to this application of the Sequences feature. Depending on the variables used, the system will ask you to set variables to match the info provided from the CSV file uploaded in Step 1. 

Use the full power of Gmelius sequences

Here is a summary of available options inside your settings when creating a sequence:

  • Allow recipients to be enrolled in the same sequence multiple times.
  • Insert the content of previous emails inside your emails.
  • Un-enroll recipients from receiving additional emails in this sequence upon reply.
  • Block recipients from being enrolled in different sequences at the same time.
  • Include unsubscribe link.
  • Pause the flow during weekends.

You will find them by clicking on the small Gear icon, at the right side of your Sequence.

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