How to create a shared inbox in Gmail

Gmelius offers an innovative and clever way to manage email for groups; support@, sales@ or any other group alias right from your Gmail inbox. 

Before setting up a shared inbox, you should already have an email address you wish to configure as a shared inbox. This email address should be one of the two following types:

  1. G Suite or Gmail primary account, that is an email address used to login into Gmail
  2. Google Group or an Alias (an email alias is an email address that forwards emails to your G Suite/Gmail account)

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Set up a Shared Inbox

Please head to the shared inbox menu in your Gmelius dashboard. If your shared inbox email address is a primary account, add it as a user to your subscription and then connect to the dashboard of this user. 

  1. Click on the blue button "New Shared Inbox" at the top/right of the page;
  2. Select or enter the email address you wish to share. Ensure the email address is part of your Gmail account either as an alias, a primary account or a Google Group.

  3. Choose the teammates you want to share the inbox with and click on "Share with".
  4. Choose if you want to automatically add future team members to your shared inbox. You can change this option afterward. 
  5. Your shared inbox will by default work with the ticketing workflow. The ticketing workflow routes the shared-inbox conversations under the respective unassigned folder, skipping the personal inboxes of your teammates. If you tick "Yes", emails sent to the shared inbox will appear in the users' respective inbox as well!
  6. Click on "Done"

That's it!

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