How to create a sequence?

How to create a sequence?

You can create and manage your Sequences from your Gmelius dashboard. To create a sequence, click on the "New Sequence" blue button on the top right corner.

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First, ensure to pick a descriptive name for your sequence. You'll find and insert a sequence later on thanks to its name.

A Gmelius sequence always starts by creating the first email of your sequence. You can use your existing Gmelius templates or create a new email from scratch using as many variables as needed to personalize the content of your message. 

This completes the 1st stage of your sequence. Gmelius sequences support as many stages as you need. To create a new stage, just click on the big pink "+" button.

You'll see different conditions ("IF": replied, not replied, opened, not opened, ...) and different possible actions ("THEN": send email, assign to teammate, add to board, add a label, add a note, ...).

You are now ready to use your sequence from your compose window or in a multi-stage campaign.

How to use a sequence?

Use the full power of Gmelius sequences

Here is a summary of available options inside your settings tab when creating a sequence:

  • Allow recipients to be enrolled in the same sequence multiple times.
  • Insert the content of previous emails inside your emails.
  • Un-enroll recipients from receiving additional emails in this sequence upon reply.
  • Block recipients from being enrolled in different sequences at the same time.
  • Include unsubscribe link.
  • Pause the flow during weekends.

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