How do push notifications work?

Notifications Bar

Gmelius offers a robust notifications system ensuring no mention, assignment, or new email from your shared mailbox goes unnoticed. Gmelius' real-time notifications bar is accessible at all times from the right-hand Gmelius Sidebar. All notifications are clickable and will direct you to the respective conversation. Gmelius notifications cover different Gmelius-powered actions in your inbox; from new unassigned conversations, to added shared notes, and email opens.

1. New notifications come with a red dot [1] on the top left corner of the notification card.

How to enable Push Notification

You can set up Gmelius to notify you via browser "Push notifications", for example, to receive a desktop notification when a shared email has been assigned to you or you’ve been mentioned in a note. To do this, follow these steps:

  1. Head to your profile in your Gmelius dashboard under Gmelius account.
  2. Find the option "Push Notifications", and enable it.

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