Gmelius 101

Welcome to Gmelius! This guide will walk you through all the core concepts of Gmelius you need to know to get up and running in no time. 

What's Gmelius? 

Every support ticket, project, sale starts with an email. Gmelius turns email into a collaborative and flexible channel to ensure all your teammates stay in sync while working from their favorite tools.

Collaboration basics

Start with these if you are new to Gmelius. Click on the name to learn more about them. We've linked a detailed help article for each. 

Shared Inboxes

Easily manage group emails like support@, sales@ or any other team email right from Gmail or Slack. You can use shared inboxes to replace your help desk software and simplify email management as a team.

Shared Labels 

Share new or existing Gmail labels and synchronize conversations in real-time across teammates. Shared labels can be used for delegation, project management, account management and to open communication channels between teams at Gmelius. 

Email Sharing

Delegate emails from your individual inbox to any member of your team. You just have to select their name on your assignment drop-down list and the conversation automatically syncs into their inbox.


Every message in Gmelius should have an owner, so you know exactly who's working on what. 

Connecting Slack 

The Gmelius <> Slack 2-way integration consolidates your data and communications, making Slack and Email more collaborative and efficient for focused teamwork.

Team Boards 

Turn your inbox into Kanban boards, organize and track everything visually from Gmail with your team. Gmelius synchronizes your Gmail labels and Google calendars with your boards.

Shared Notes and @mentions 

Add context to any conversation by adding notes to your emails in Gmail. These internal messages help your team work together behind-the-scenes without the need of unnecessary email clutter. If you need a teammate to chime in, @mention their name: "@Justin any ideas?"

Productivity tips 

Gmelius supercharges your inbox and helps you work faster and more efficiently with your team. 


Use tags to organize your inbox, signal your teammates to take certain actions. 

Shared email templates 

Turn your most effective and repetitive emails into Gmail templates you can personalize and share with your team. You'll save hours on copy-pasting and editing emails by inserting templates in seconds. 

Workflow automation & other power features ⚡︎

Plan: Growth and above.

If you've mastered the basics already, now it's high time to get more out of Gmelius. Try these next: 


"if this, then that" automation for your Gmelius shared inboxes and labels. Set up triggers and actions for your repetitive workflows, like"for each new conversation, that the email subject line contains invoice, tag it with the billing tag"

Team Reports

Get detailed reports/analytics for your shared inboxes/labels that help you understand how your team is doing, your email volume and areas of improvement. The reports provide an overview of all the important metrics of your team and a breakdown of each metric at the individual team member level.


Used for sales outreach or any other outbound workflow automation, sequences allow you to send highly personalized emails to single or multiple recipients (via Campaigns). The automation is not limited to email follow-ups, you can easily add stages that allow you to put your processes in autopilot, e.g. move to a team board, snooze email. 


Send personalized emails to emails to entire contact lists, at the date and time of your choosing. This power feature supports both single-stage blasts and multi-stage cadences.  You' ll further get access to campaign performance reports.

If you have questions along the way, email We'll be happy to help! 



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