How to customize Snooze and Follow-up behavior?

Gmelius offers a number of settings to customize the behavior of the Snooze functionality:

  • You can customize your favorite snooze times.
  • Trigger the snooze dropdown with a keyboard shortcut of your choice.
  • Force a snoozed conversation to keep its unread/read status.
  • Apply a specific label to conversations which have been snoozed or follow-up.
  • You can customize your favorite Follow-up times.

1. Go to your settings

Open your Gmelius dashboard > Configurations and click on customize snooze times below the Smart Snooze feature entry.


2. Click on "Customize snooze times & snoozing behavior"

All those customizations are available from your Gmelius settings, under the "Smart Snooze" entry.

3. Update your preferences and SAVE


2. Click on "Customize follow-up behavior"

3. Update your preferences and SAVE

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