How to create a new Board?

1. Click on "Boards"

You can access your Gmelius (Kanban) Boards by clicking on the respective tab, nested under your Gmelius menu. 

2. Create a new board

Create a new board by clicking on the drop-down menu icon next to the board name and click on ''Create a new board''.

3. Name your board

4. Choose a custom or a set of pre-configured templates and Create

Click on CREATE, and your new board is ready to be further configured to your needs and used. 

5. Customize your default board

Please note that you can always choose which board to have your default one, by clicking on the gear icon next to its name and marking it as favorite. 

To have a board marked as a favorite, you need to be the owner (creator of the board).

** Unlimited Boards are offered under all Gmelius paid plans. 

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